Outsourced IT Strategy and Advice from Cardonet IT Services

Outsourced IT Strategy and Advice

You need an IT Strategy that aligns your technology with your specific business requirements.

Our senior consultants will be able to review your operations and provide you with an IT strategy and advice that will help improve your decision making, increase your effectiveness, improve your performance, all while providing costs savings and helping you manage your risk.

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With the pace of technological change, it is increasingly more difficult to stay on top of developments and harder to know the best technological direction for your business. Our senior team will look to understand your business and your IT delivery, before creating an IT roadmap that will help you protect your revenue and stay ahead of your competition.

We will provide you with:

  • An in-depth review of your IT so that you know exactly where you stand in the market today. That will include details about your systems, security, applications, management, lifecycles, provisioning and users.
  • A thorough gap analysis that will draw your attention to areas of your IT that could be improved to meet the needs of your business. Within that there will undoubtedly be 'quick wins', we well as longer term suggestions.
  • A well thought out and well-defined roadmap that will provide you with next steps, highlight deliverables, timescales and priorities, as well as provide you with justifications and a business case for each activity.

Outsourced IT Strategy and Advice Benefits

More informed, better decision making

By outsourcing yo8ur IT strategy, you and your leadership team will have the benefit of an independent review and expert opinion with which to make decisions about your IT direction. You will also be better able to prioritise activities and set budgets, confident in the knowledge that your technology will help you meet your business goals.

A more effective IT department

If you still employ an internal team, it is often hard to know whether that team is being effective. By outsourcing your IT strategy, you will get independent advice as to the effectiveness of your team and you will be better able to anticipate your resourcing needs, plan your IT projects, select software and vendors and well as improve your budgeting. You will also be able to better manage that team in relation to your IT roadmap.

Improved organisational performance

By getting outsourced advice from an external party, you will find that you remain more focussed on running your operations more efficiently. By following the outlined plan, you get a distinct competitive advantage as you deliver the right solutions on time and within budget.

Operational efficiencies

Technology that is misaligned, out of date or no longer useful will be identified by our team and highlighted to change. We will also help you standardise solutions across your business, allowing you to scale your operations, all while ensuring that your team has the right tools to deliver.

IT cost savings

Our outsourced IT strategy team will ensure that you have the right systems to meet your business needs. Systems that are consolidated and streamlined where practical, making them easier to secure and support, all of which will drive down your IT costs.

Improved understanding and management of risk

By carrying out an external, outsourced review of your IT strategy, you will be forced to consider the effectiveness of your IT solutions against a diverse range of factors, such as compliance, legal and regulatory factors. That will help you with the ongoing management of risk within your business by giving you improved visibility on your technology solutions.

Find out how you could benefit from outsourcing your IT strategy.

Our experienced and highly knowledgeable team will align your IT to your business goals.

Outsourced IT Strategy and Advice Features

  • Access to people with IT knowledge and experience from multiple industry sectors.
  • Improved alignment with industry best practice.
  • A proven framework for your IT Strategy.
  • Impartial advice from an independent, vendor-neutral source.
  • A more likely return on your IT investment.

Outsourced IT Strategy and Advice Options

  • Advice on deriving greater value from your existing IT Assets.
  • Complete IT Strategy options, or project only strategy options.

Allowing you to do more

  • You can more easily make value led decisions to drive better outcomes.
  • Determine the right technology platform for your business.
  • Ensure your IT processes are not constraining your business activities.
  • Better understand the benefits of your IT initiatives.
  • You can see how you can manage your IT infrastructure in smarter, more secure and more affordable ways.
  • Focus on other areas of your business, confident in the knowledge that you have the right technology in place.


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