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24x7 Outsourced IT Support

By outsourcing your IT Support, you can enjoy the delivery of lower cost, flexible technology support designed to meet your business goals.

We will provide you with access to a local team of highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers who will work to agreed response and resolution times, providing you with transparent and regular reporting.

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We are available if you are looking to outsource your IT service desk, whether you wish to extend the capability of your existing team or if you need support for an IT project. You may be looking to outsource a single element of your IT, or you may want to outsource the provision of technology completely.

We specilaise in supporting the technology that keeps you operational, from your networking, server and storage infrastructure, to your mobile devices and third-party applications. We will provide you with complete:

We aim to provide you and your users with a fantastic experience. We take ownership of all issues and work as part of your team in a very transparent way to ensure that technology will help you meet your business goals.

24x7 Outsourced IT Support Benefits

Get access to a team of directly employed, highly experienced, knowledgeable technical engineers.

By outsourcing your IT Support, you get access to a wide variety of people, many of whom have very specialised skills and knowledge, that would otherwise have cost a great deal to employ directly. That access to expert level support when needed speeds up resolution times, while also ensuring that your team remains happy and productive

Lower cost, flexible IT Support than you need meet your business goals.

By outsourcing your IT Support, you can significantly reduce the cost of your IT through the improved use of resources, as well as a lowering of your IT staffing costs. You benefit by being able to get the cover that you need, when you need it, from a large team of technology experts. You will also be able to benefit from the automation of many manual processes that currently eats into the time and productivity of your team.

You enjoy a bespoke service level agreement (SLA) that provides guaranteed response and resolution times.

We work closely with you to ensure that you enjoy the right outsourced IT support for your specific business needs. We will then provide you with a bespoke service level agreement (SLA) with guaranteed response and resolution times for added peace of mind.

Enjoy extensive 24x7x365 monitoring and proactive support.

Our outsourced IT Support team use a number of monitoring tools that are designed to spot potential IT issues quickly, allowing us to proactively act to overcome them before they become business affecting. This 24x7 monitoring, as well as our analysis of common issue trends allows us to make changes that ensure that you enjoy a more stable IT infrastructure for your business, which results in a happier and more productive team. We find that we spend over 30% of our time on proactive activity in order to prevent issues occurring, rather than just reacting to them.

Get access to a host of spares and loan equipment to keep your business operational.

Should you need it, we can arrange for you to get access to our inventory of spare stock and equipment when tings go wrong and the time it takes for replacements would be business affecting. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where someone, a team or even your entire business can no longer operate and generate revenue because of a technology failure. We hold a stock of loan equipment to get you through until such time as we can get you operational again.

Benefit from completely transparent outsourced IT support reporting and regular communications.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We become an extension of your team and when you have an issue, we will do what it takes to get you operational again. While we work, we will keep in regular contact with you so that you know where you stand. We will then transparently report on all IT issues and suggest ways we can make changes to improve performance. This gives you greater visibility of your IT costs and assets, which will make IT more accountable to your business and your success.

Discover how you could benefit from outsourcing your IT Support.

Our friendly team of IT Support engineers will ensure that you remain productive.

24x7 Outsourced IT Support Features

  • Flexible outsourced IT Support agreements to meet your business needs.
  • Friendly, responsive and complete end-user IT Support.
  • Extensive 24x7x365 networking monitoring and alerting.
  • Guaranteed response times based on agreed SLA.
  • Spares and temporary loan equipment.
  • 3rd party vendor support and escalation.
  • Proactive support.
  • Remote support.
  • Onsite support.
  • Out of hours support.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • IT roadmap support.
  • A single point of contact for all of your IT Support needs.

24x7 Outsourced IT Support Options

  • A range of IT Support hours, including 24x7, depending on your needs.
  • Just a particular skill set, or complete end-to-end support.
  • Outsource either all, or just part of your needs.
  • Outsourced IT Project support.
  • 3rd party support.

Allowing you to do more

  • Concentrate on other elements of your business.
  • Get access to the IT support that you need for success.
  • Confidently expand your opening hours, knowing that you are covered.
  • Call on a trusted single point of contact for all of your IT requirements.
  • Enjoy a better alignment between IT and your business.
  • Change IT from a cost centre into a proven business enabler.
  • Improve service delivery and team satisfaction.
  • Reduce all employment issues, such as sick and holiday cover.
  • Confidently cater to the demands of a more mobile team.
  • Overcome any inconsistent service delivery.
  • Get effective IT management information and extensive reporting.
  • Overcome poor performance from your current IT Service provider.


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