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Education IT Solutions

As an educator, ensuring that you have reliable, flexible and secure technology in place to support and enhance learning can be a challenge, with an ever-increasing strain being put on existing IT infrastructure in schools, academies, colleges and universities.

We will work with you to help you overcome your IT challenges, providing you with a cost-effective technology platform that will help you streamline your operations, provide new ways to collaborate and enrich your overall learning experience.

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With more and more learning taking place outside of the classroom and the need for wide ranging collaboration increasing, so you need to adapt your IT infrastructure to ensure that it is flexible, reliable and secure.

We can work with your existing team, help you on a project basis or provide you with end-to-end outsourced IT services, such as:

Education IT Support

Finding the time to support your range of educational IT users, from students to staff, as well as deliver on projects is very challenging. Our team of friendly and experienced engineers know what is required to support your technology and are available 24x7x365 to keep you operational.

Education Network Monitoring

We have the tools and people needed to monitor your network 24x7 and work with you to act on any irregularities before they affect your educational establishment. Keeping critical systems operational and your users happy is made a lot easier when your network is being actively monitored.

Education WiFi

Providing campus wide, secure WiFi has changed from a 'nice to have' service to something that all of your stakeholders have now come to rely on, from learners using tablets on campus, to classrooms with interactive white boards to video steaming and rich media.

Education Networking

Your network connects your IT infrastructure together. It therefore needs to be well designed, secure, resilient and high-speed in order to meet the needs of your various users. We can provide you with the entire range of mission-critical network services, from your LAN, to your WAN and WLAN.

Education Data Backups

Having your data backed up to multiple locations makes sense, especially in an evolving threat environment. We will help ensure that you enjoy fast, cost-effective and secure backups of your data, ready for when the worst happens and you need to roll-back to a last known good configuration.

Education Business Continuity

There are some services that you can put up with the inconvenience of not having access to for a time. There are others that are core to your operations that need to always be available. We will help you plan and test your business continuity and we will help when disaster strikes your educational institution.

Education Virtual IT Director

it is often hard to ensure that your IT strategy still aligns with industry best practice. We can help by using our deep experience built up over many years delivering and supporting reliable, secure and highly available technology platforms in educational enviroments.

Education Cloud

The introduction of the cloud has streamlined and transformed the delivery of IT Services to education, resulting in lower hardware and software costs as well as more flexible delivery of teaching material. We can help advise on the most approprite cloud solution and can help implement and support it.

Education Internet Connectivity

You need fast and resilient internet connectivity to meet the requirements of modern teachning methods, supporting services such as your WiFi, cloud infrastructure, offsite backups etc. We will ensure you get the best service for your needs, both now and in the future.

Education Cyber Security

As an educational establishment, you hold a lot of sensitive information about your various stakeholders. Data that you are responsible for keeping safe. We will help you with your cyber security setup, with a view to keeping your data secure and protecting your reputation.

Education Web Filtering

You have a duty of care to enable a web filtering system that keeps learners protected, while still providing the freedom to find and interact with educational resources that enhance learning. We will work with you to ensure that you have a web filtering solution that meets your needs.

Education Audio Visual

Learners today have high expectations when it comes to learning. Your teaching staff need the audio-visual technology to help support innovation, to enrich the student experience and to aid active engagement in lessons. We can help you transform your teaching spaces with the most appropriate AV technology.

Enjoy the benefits of a reliable, fully supported IT platform for education

Our experienced engineering team will support your end-to-end technology needs.

Allowing you to do more

  • Get reliable support for your multiple education systems.
  • Reduce staff turnover by removing technology frustrations.
  • Gain the confidence to expand your operations.
  • Build a better, more remarkable learning experience.
  • Give your teaching team the tools they need to excel.
  • Make smarter decisions that will give you a competitive edge.
  • Enjoy an improved return on your technology investment.


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We will remove your education technology challenges

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