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Video Conferencing Solutions

Expand your collaboration efforts, reduce your travel costs and simplify your operations with the introduction of a secure and proven video conferencing solution.

Working with a number of leading video conferencing vendors, our experienced team will ensure that you benefit from the introduction of a video solution that meets your needs both now and in the future. We will expertly install your video conferencing solution, train you in the use of it and then will fully maintain and support it for you.

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Our video conferencing solutions allow your team and external participants to communicate, share, present and discuss thoughts and ideas just like they would if they were there in the same room.

Using standards-based systems, we are able to deploy endpoints from a variety of leading providers and can ensure video conferencing interoperability between different systems.

Our video conferencing solutions are perfect for:

  • Board and conference rooms
  • Small collaboration rooms
  • Desktop and mobile operations
  • Remote teams and people

Whether it is a large video conference, one-to-one video calls or a team meeting, our user-friendly video conferencing solutions are designed to enhance your productivity and provide you with seamless collaboration.

Video Conferencing Solution Benefits

A reduction in your travel time and costs

One of the most obvious benefits of video conferencing is a reduction in your travel time and costs. Being able to meet quickly from anywhere, negating the need for participants to travel provides a massive boost to your team's productivity.

Increased productivity and improved collaboration

With the right tools for the job, you and your team will be more likely to want to meet over a video conference. That improved communication leads to better and faster decision making, improved collaboration and overall increased productivity.

Improved attendance and better structure

As most video conferences have a pre-determined start time and end time. This means people are less inclined to waste time and are more likely to both use and stick to an agreed agenda. As the times needed to meet are so well defined, people with busy schedules are more likely to want to take part, improving attendance figures.

Better employee retention

Having fewer requirements for travel requirements allows your team to enjoy a better work/life balance. It also allows for more home working, reducing the cost and impact of of commuting. As a remote worker, one can still have a close relationship with other members of their team.

Enjoy a consistent and significant competitive advantage

Combined, the introduction of video conferencing will allow you to be more agile, providing you with a strong competitive advantage. With more productive meetings, less travel, lower costs and improved team collaboration, you can streamline your operations and be a lot more agile than your competition.

Unlock the benefits of video conferencing for your organisation.

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Video Conferencing Solution Features

  • Capacity for hundreds of participants.
  • High definition camera options with the right field of view.
  • Recording and playback options.
  • Device agnostic solutions as standard.
  • Screen sharing, instant messaging and meeting control options.
  • Speaker tracking and auto framing.
  • Standards based and easy interoperability.
  • Easy management.
  • Proven support.

Video Conferencing Solution Options

  • Participant number options.
  • Choose from a number of endpoints.
  • Storage, recording and playback options.
  • Deployment options: Onsite, cloud or hybrid options.
  • Team collaboration options.

Allowing you to do more

  • Improve the effectiveness and productivity of your team.
  • Reduce your costs and improve your collaboration.
  • Simplify your operations.
  • Effortlessly include remote workers in key meetings and discussions.
  • Become more agile as an organisation.
  • Target different geographic markets with confidence.
  • Retain your best people and give them the tools to succeed.


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