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IT Outsourcing

You are under immense pressure to deliver more with less. You have to deliver your quality products and/or services in the face of increasing competition, so you need to be able to adapt your business quickly and easily.

To achieve this, you need to have a flexible, reliable and robust technology platform that you have complete confidence in. By outsourcing your IT to a trusted and experienced IT Services partner, you will be able to focus on the needs and goals of your business, rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day fire-fighting.

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IT Outsourcing from Cardonet

Since 1999, we have helped businesses of all sizes with the technology requirements. We tailor every engagement to your needs, so may provide you with a single outsourced IT service, or full end-to-end IT services. Working together, we can determine the best approach. Some of the key outsourced IT services we can provide you with includes:

Outsourced IT Strategy and Advice for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

Outsourced IT Strategy and Advice

You need an IT Strategy that aligns your technology with your specific business requirements. Our senior consultants will be able to review your operations and provide you with an IT strategy and advice that will help improve your decision making, increase your effectiveness, improve your performance, all while providing costs savings and helping you manage your risk.

24x7 Outsourced IT Support for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

24x7 Outsourced IT Support

By outsourcing your IT Support, you can enjoy the delivery of lower cost, flexible technology support designed to meet your business goals. We will provide you with access to a local team of highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers who will work to agreed response and resolution times, providing you with transparent and regular reporting.

24x7 Outsourced Network Monitoring for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

24x7 Outsourced Network Monitoring

To be successful, you need to have access to highly available infrastructure. The most proven way of doing this is by monitoring your network on a 24x7 basis. That way, any issues can be identified early and action can be taken to ensure that they do not become business affecting. Your team can then be more productive, bottlenecks can quickly be identified and you can focus on what you do best.

Outsourced IT Project Services for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

Outsourced IT Project Services

To adapt and grow you need to invest in your IT infrastructure and the best way to do that is by carrying out well-defined IT Projects. Those projects come with some risk, but the best way to reduce your risk is to partner with an organisation that has a team of proven, highly accredited and experienced engineers who will ensure that your project is delivered on time, to specification and on budget.

Outsourced IT Infrastructure for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

Outsourced IT Infrastructure

You need IT Infrastructure that works effectively, is secure, reliable and highly available, but find it is neither cost effective or easy to employ and retain your own experienced IT team. By outsourcing your IT infrastructure services to us, you will enjoy access to leading technology designed to help you meet your business goals, reduce your costs, eliminate your risks and remove systems complexity.

Outsourced Software Licensing for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

Outsourced Software Licensing

Ensuring that you comply with your software licensing agreements can be incredibly time-consuming and challenging. Outsourcing your software licensing reduces your risks, saves you time and money. We can unlock the most effective and flexible way of licensing your business software, ensuring that you remain compliant and that you are only licensing software that you actually use.

Outsourced IT Security for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

Outsourced IT Security

You need to make sure that your critical data is secure at all times. By engaging with an experienced outsourced IT security partner, you can enjoy cost-effective, continuous protection and deep security insight. You benefit from a better security setup, designed and supported by a team of IT Security experts who will look after your business IT security 24x7 and eliminate your ongoing IT security burden.

Outsourced Data Backups for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

Outsourced Data Backups

Managing backups and getting access to the best backup infrastructure is time-consuming and expensive. We can remove that burden and reduce your risk of data loss. Every business needs to back up their critical business data in three places, on at least two different media types, with one place being in a geographically different place, such as in the cloud or in a data centre.

Outsourced Business Continuity for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

Outsourced Business Continuity

When things do go wrong, you need to know that you can recover quickly and effectively. By outsourcing your business continuity to a trusted outsourced IT partner, you will be sure that your business has the robust business continuity plans that you need in place and that those plans are extensively and regularly tested to ensure that are fit for purpose.

Outsourced IT Compliance Support for business from Cardonet IT Services and IT Support London

Outsourced IT Compliance Support

The increasing number and complexity of regulations, as well as the constant pressure to reduce your operating costs makes outsourcing your compliance efforts to an experienced partner a logical strategy. We have a great deal of exposure working with businesses in a number of industries, helping them put the technology and processes in place to remain compliant.

Outsource your IT to a proven technology partner.

Our experienced team will work hard to ensure that you get the most from your IT.

Outsourced IT Features

  • 24x7 service desk and operations.
  • Full access to our expertise, resources and technology.
  • Replace Capex costs with predictable and tax efficient Opex costs.
  • Individual IT Service outsourcing, or complete end-to-end outsourcing.
  • Flexible service delivery to meet your business needs.
  • Transparent reporting based on your business needs.

Allowing you to do more

  • Uncover fresh perspectives from experienced engineers.
  • Get access to people with the right skills and expertise to deliver.
  • Achieve superior outcomes with reduced risk.
  • Gain critical, independent insight on your business and technology.
  • Enjoy a competitive edge as you seek to reach your full potential.
  • Make the most out of your existing technology investment.
  • Drive better efficiencies across your business.
  • Enjoy superior IT support, keeping your team happy and productive.
  • Give your team the tools and technology they need to excel.


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