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Pub & Bar IT Solutions

Running a pub or bar is incredibly demanding. Technology is available to simplify your operations, but you need to make sure that it is supported, is highly secure, reliable and highly available. You don't want IT to be a distraction from your core activities.

Your customers demand technology to simplify payment, make reservations, access guest WiFi etc. You need technology to keep track of your stock, organise your team roster and store important customer data. We can help integrate and support all these systems to make running your pub and bar a lot easier.

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Pub and Bar IT systems are complex. We will ensure that you have a fast, reliable technology infrastructure that is fully supported by a local team of experienced engineers who are available 24x7, looking after you so that you are not let down at crucial times.

Pub & Bar 24x7 IT Support

We provide pubs and bars with 24x7 IT Support. Our experienced support team will support all of your systems and IT infrastructure, such as your Internet connectivity, guest WiFi, EPoS etc. We will keep everything up-to-date and available for when your pub or bar needs it.

Pub & Bar 24x7 Monitoring

A vital part of our IT Support offering is our 24x7 network monitoring. Using our advanced monitoring tools, we will be alerted to any issues with your pub or bar IT solutions and we will be able to act quickly to resolve them. In most cases, you and your customers would be unaffected.

Pub & Bar WiFi

WiFi has many advantages for pubs and bars. It can help draw people into your pub or bar and can help keep them there for extended periods. Pub and Bar WiFi can also be used as a tool for you to collect vital contact details of your customers for later marketing campaigns.

Pub & Bar CCTV

In this day and age, it is imperative that you have CCTV in your pub or bar to help ensure the security and well-being of your customers and team, while also helping keep your establishment safe and secure at all times. We will install and support effective CCTV coverage in your pub or bar.

Pub & Bar Data Backups

Like any business, you rely on your data to keep you operational and give you a competitive edge. You therefore need to ensure that you have multiple backups of your data to protect your pub and bar should disaster strike. Reduce your risk by putting in place a secure and resilient backup solution.

Pub & Bar Business Continuity

You need to be confident that when something does go wrong that you will be able to recover rapidly to start trading again. Our experienced team will help you plan for disaster, help test those plans on a regular basis and will be available to help when disaster strikes your pub or bar.

Pub & Bar Digital Signage

You can boost your revenue opportunities and customer experience through the introduction of effective digital signage at your pub or bar. You can sell advertising on your screens and execute effective marketing campaigns easily, such as promoting upcoming sporting fixtures.

Pub & Bar Virtual IT Director

As a pub or bar operator, it doesn't always make sense to employ your own IT people. You would enjoy much better value engaging with our senior consultants, who have a great deal of experience with and exposure to leading pub and bar technology platforms. We will give you a competitive edge.

Pub & Bar GDPR Compliance

GDPR impacts any business that collects and handles personal data within the EU. As a pub or bar, you are also most likely affected. It is therefore important that you make sure that your pub or bar is fully secure and compliant and we can help you with that.

Pub & Bar PCI Compliance

As a pub or bar, you no doubt accept a lot of card payments during any particular day. You therefore need to be PCI compliant in order to protect your customers and your business against payment fraud. We can help you achieve and then maintain your pub and bar PCI compliance.

Pub & Bar EPoS Support

We know EPoS systems and their common issues. We have had exposure to and experience supporting a number of pub and bar EPoS solutions. We are often in the situation where we can resolve issues ourselves, but we can also liaise with your EPoS vendor for issue resolution.

Pub & Bar Internet Connectivity

Fast and reliable internet connectivity is a must for every pub and bar today so that you can provide guest WiFi, connect to cloud based applications and help facilitate payment systems. We will help you overcome your network and Internet connectivity challenges.

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Our friendly IT Services team will ensure the high availability of your systems.

Allowing you to do more

  • Deliver a better guest experience, unlocking long-term revenue.
  • Get reliable support for your multiple pub and bar IT systems.
  • Streamline your technology and maximise your revenue potential.
  • Get access to an experienced IT team with the right skills.
  • Give your team the tools they need to meet your customer demands.
  • More easily retain your team by removing technology frustrations.
  • Make smarter decisions that will give you a competitive edge.
  • Enjoy an improved return on your technology investment.


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