Learning and Development Opportunities at Cardonet IT Support

Learning and Development

We have a strong learning environment within Cardonet. An environment where you are offered internal, external, and vendor training. An environment where you will be given the exposure and opportunities that you need to move forward with your career.

Your professional growth and development are vital to us and, as such, are priorities . They are not optional extras. All of our training is available to our entire team, irrespective to your role. Training takes the form of classes and workshops, training videos, formal certification programs etc.

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Cardonet provides a variety of learning and development opportunities to assist you in your current role as well as help you grow and develop. We deliver our Learning and Development through these channels:

Cardonet University

We have an online training portal where you can access valuable information about vendor solutions, industry solutions etc. We are always looking to expand our library of content and there is a desire to provide relevant technical on-demand videos going forward.

Cardonet Technical Forums

At least once a month we have a "pizza night" where we leverage some of the knowledge of our resident experts to deliver talks, classes or seminars that will expose you to products, services, or new technologies, as well as give you hands on exposure to leading technology.

Cardonet Lab

You will be provided the opportunity to take part in Cardonet Lab sessions where you will get hands on experience working with hardware in our in-house test environment. We find that often the best method of learning is doing. In our lab environment you can do that confidently, without impacting live systems.

Vendor Training

Leading technology vendors provide us with a range of different training opportunities, from online portals all the way through to paid certifications. You are fully supported by Cardonet when you look to extend your vendor skills.

Industry Certifications

You will be encouraged to pursue recognized industry certifications, such as MCSE, VCP etc and your training will be fully funded.

First Aid Training

Everyone who joins our team will be trained as a first aider. First Aid is a vital skill that can literally be the difference between life and death for someone. It could be a colleague, a customer, a family member or a stranger. By being first aid trained, you will have a duty of care and will be fully equipped to help.

Continuously learn, develop, and grow

Join our friendly and experienced team and start making a real difference for our diverse range of customers.
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