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Cardonet supports a culture of success. We operate in a modern, engaging environment with little hierarchy, providing you with opportunities for cross-learning and allowing you to make a real contribution to the business.

As we focus on the needs of our customers, there is ample opportunity to have fun, freely share knowledge and immerse yourself in the vibrant local area. You will be fully supported, extensively trained and empowered to make a real difference, while bringing your own personality to your role.

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We know that the more successful you are, the better you will be able to serve our customers and the more successful we will be. As such, we look to provide a culture that is:

Customer Focussed

You are empowered and encouraged to help our customers in any way that you can, helping overcome their business-critical issues. We are all about building long term, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, ensuring that they are provided with the tools and support that they need to succeed. We do that by demonstrating time and time again that we care.

Performance Oriented

Like any IT Services organisation, performance is a key metric that we use to judge our service delivery. Unlike many, we don't just judge ourselves on meeting targets such as response times. We also focus on customer service targets in order to measure our performance, with our customers rating every interaction that they have with us.

Team Based

We are a team that works well together, accomplishes together and celebrates together. We encourage each other, we help each other, we respect each other and we freely share our knowledge with each other. We are not a collection of individuals. You are encouraged to be open and share your thinking for the betterment of the team.

Communication Heavy

To be truly customer focussed, to meet our performance targets and to function well as a team all relies on us being good communicators. We have a culture that prioritises communication using a multitude of methods to get the job done and excel.

We value people that buy in to our approach and values, as well as people who will fit into our culture.

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